Thursday, August 5, 2010

July Dial-up Dilemma

(Written 07/09/2010)
First, let me explain my lack-o-blogging (or any other online communication) last week. My mother was hospitalized for a serious (okay, life-threatening) infection (she's doing well; thanks for asking) so I was otherwise occupied.

Now that we're at Mom's house, my online access is limited to an old PC with a dial-up connection.

Wow. I mean, WOW.

I'd forgotten what the online world was like in the old days. It's like I traded in my Ferrari for a donkey cart. Mom is too sick for me to go out, so I have a bad feeling I may not be able to post this for a long time.

Yesterday, after waiting for Yahoo to load for five minutes, I decided to try to clean up Mom's hard drive and update her programs to speed things up. I cleaned up her disk, got rid of trash, pared down her start-up menu.

Pared a few seconds off the Yahoo load time. *SIGH*

HP wanted to update Windows, so I let it. Six hours later Windows XP Service Pack 3 was installed.

Six. Long. Hours.

The PC booted up a little faster this morning, but Yahoo? Not so much.

HP wants to update Windows again. *SIGH*

Think I'll try to download Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 instead.

If that fails, maybe the night nurse will let me upload this blog on the hospital's wireless system when I bring Mom in for her evening IV antibiotic infusion. Mom's nurses go above and beyond the call of duty.

Hmmm. I think Nurse Dave is on duty tonight. I wouldn't mind asking him.
Wow. I mean, WOW.

There's always a silver lining, right?


  1. Mmm . . . Nurse Dave, huh? Sounds like some silver lining, indeed!

    Glad to hear mom's better.

    I so remember the days of dial up! And not fondly. ;)

  2. Lori Lyn, as I was reading Sarah's blog those were the exact words that went through my mind as well as less than fond memories of dial up. In addition ... great picture but what about one of Nurse Dave?

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  4. Alas, I was not ballsy enough to take Nurse Dave's hunky picture. My bad.

  5. Lori Lyn,did you know 4% of people online in the US are still on dial-up? Scary, isn't it?