Thursday, May 6, 2010


If you're planning on leaving this mortal coil anytime soon, be forwarned: according to my DH, Hell hath now officially frozen over because I'm FINALLY blogging.

That being said, welcome to my blog!

For a couple of years now, not a week has passed without Chuck pointing out my digital shortcomings. "You're a writer, for Pete's sake! Blogging should be a no-brainer." (Yes, I censor his comments.)

Right. He assumes I am a bottomless font of wit and wisdom. As if.

But, after mulling this over for a long, LONG time, I've decided to begin weekly blogging. If I link this to Facebook in a month or two, it will help bring my page out of hibernation. Two birds and all that.

So here's the plan: I'll post on Fridays.

Umbrella topics will be (with apologies to Oprah),

I Don't Know Much for Sure--But These Guys Might
PFM (Pure F-ing Magic), or God Works in Mysterious Ways
Ain't Life Grand!

Y'all Come back tomorrow, hear?

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