Friday, June 18, 2010

These Guys Might Be On To Something...

Fun (& Required) Summer Reading

Soul Pancake: Chew on Life's Big Questions This website is a place to speak your mind, unload your questions, and figure out what it means to be human.

Coffee with a Canine features interviews with authors about their dogs. Coffee and dogs; what's not to love?

Living with Bears gives you the lowdown on finding bears, avoiding bears, and (more importantly) avoiding conflicts with bears. IMHO, this online brochure from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife should be required reading for anyone who lives in or visits the Northwestern states.

The Astoria Warrenton Spirit of the Columbia website showcases my favorite Northwestern seaside community. Stuck at home? Take a virtual trip to the beach!

The U.S. Government's 'How to Renew Your Passport' website for all you adventurous international travelers:

I hope you enjoy these fun and informative Internet destinations. They include food for thought, a unique perspective on your favorite authors, and useful vacation information.
I love the fact that Soul Pancake addresses Life's Big Questions. Vacations are a good time to consider What's Really Important in life. Modern life is so fast-paced it's sometimes hard to catch your breath, let alone Think Deep Thoughts. But in the end, what will matter?



  1. Wow, a lot of information. The Astoria Warrenton Spirit of Columbia website I can understand but what drew you to the ones on bears? dogs, and coffee?

  2. Good question, Judith! As a writer, Coffee with a Canine tickled my fantasy for two reasons: the interviews give the reader a different, more personal view of authors; and dogs are integral to my stories. My first novel, Love unleashed, features an ex-con dog trainer heroine. My current WIP, Blindsight main character's most viable relationship during the last ten years has been her partnership with her guide dog. While researching bears for Blindsight, I came across the bear safety information and, having observed visitors interacting poorly with black bears, decided to share. Must be the teacher and conservationist in me! LOL